$ 11.11 Breathwork Pass (15 Day Trial) by Aditya Jaykumar

$ 11.11 Breathwork Pass (15 Day Trial)

About This Breathwork Pass:

With this $ 11.11 pass you get a 15 day trial to Action Tribe Energy Circle.

This means, you'll get to attend not 1, but 4 Breathwork circles (2 Sundays morning sessions and 2 Evening Yin Breathwork sessions)

This boils down to about $ 2.7 per class.

We're adding more classes to ensure that you have the tools, techniques and experiences to calm your mind, reduce stress and relax your entire being.

These 15 days will give you time during the week to see how you feel and notice subtle energetic shifts within your body, mind and emotions.

After 15 days, you'll automatically be charged $ 19.99, which is our monthly membership fee. This would mean that you've enjoyed your trial Breathwork experience and you'd like to join us every week!

If you feel that breathwork isn't for you and you'd like to cancel, just shoot a quick email to aj@mysevenchakras and we'll cancel your subscription.

In the past, people have happily paid $ 11.11 per session, which works out to $ 44.44 per month. As a member you only pay $ 19.99 per month (which works out to $ 2.5 per breathwork experience)

Do you feel investing $ 2.5 for your health, happiness and peace of mind is worth it? :)

Buy your $ 11.11 Breathwork by clicking the button above. 

(This $ 11.11 will be an investment that is worth way more than the $ 11.11 you're paying because your body, mind and spirit WILL thank you after the session) 

Email me at aj@mysevenchakras.com if you have any questions.

What's included?

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About Your Breathwork Instructor

Aditya is a certified SOMA breathwork instructor, and he loves using ancient Yogic breathing practices with rhythmical euphoric music and scientific research to help people calm their mind, heal their chakras, relax their nervous system, experience deep states of bliss and ultimately discover their  life's purpose.

He is also host and founder of the popular podcast My Seven Chakras, which has received over 4 million downloads in over 150 countries.